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Amanda Winterhalter — Acoustic Performance of “Whippo’wil”

Amanda Winterhalter — Acoustic Performance of “Whippo’wil”

I first met Amanda Winterhalter when she was a part of the Pacific Northwest band Lower Lights Burning. In that band she played keys and sang vocals. When I heard the songs from her solo project Olea, I was excited. I contacted her and asked if she would share some songs for a Manzanita Records acoustic session. This live acoustic performance of “Whippo’wil” was recorded in the North Seattle studio where she recorded much of the Album.

Amanda gains much of her inspiration from time spent with the Bushwick Book Club in Seattle, WA. Her writing and her voice are a welcome addition to the post modern experience. Enjoy this live performance of her original song “Whippo’wil”:



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